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My would-be Dog…


My would-be Dog...

This is my would-be dog Shadow (1 year), she get’s along GREAT with me and mom, but…not so much with dad. :-/ So now we’re going to take her back to the family that gave her to us, I’ll miss you Shadow!!!!


2 thoughts on “My would-be Dog…

  1. I wonder if there’s a blessing for bidding farewell to a dog. Seems like your family is doing the responsible thing, even if it is the difficult thing. Alas.

    • It was really hard but we are going to get a new dog TODAY (if the inspection goes well!) Her name is Haylie (for now) and she’s a TOTAL Alpha dog. She rules over the older dogs at her current home! SO COOL! Plus she’s a German Shepherd mix, so we know we’ll like her (We’ve had a German shepherd before). I will add a picture of her to this blog as soon as we get her! 😀

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